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Our Admission Criteria

People may refer a patient/client to Face To Face Healthcare Services, LLC. However, admissions can only be completed with a physician's order, based upon the needs of the patient/client, homebound status and the type of services required that the agency could provide or coordinated with other organizations.

Services may be provided if the following conditions are met:

The patient must be homebound. This means that the patient has an illness, an injury or a condition that makes it difficult or unsafe for the patient to leave home without considerable taxing effort and the patient absences are infrequent and of short duration, or the patient is not able to leave home safely without the assistance of another person. The patient can still be considered homebound if they leave home to attend a religious service or to participate in a therapeutic, psychosocial, or medical treatment in a state licensed/certified and/or accredited

The patient must be under the care of a physician who has ordered the treatment or services provided. The services must be medically necessary and specifically ordered by the physician.

The care must be provided on an intermittent basis. This means that Medicare will not pay for our health care staff to stay with the patient for an extended time. We will visit the patient for the length of time it takes to provide the specific treatment ordered by the physician.

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